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How? With Straight-Forward Loan Terms

Here’s just one example of how JJ Best protects you from paying too much and losing value.

1968 corvette baby blue covertible used as an example for sale
1968 Chevrolet Corvette
$41,000 purchase price
8.49% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
10% down payment
Loan amount $36,900*

JJ Best Loan
Pay every month, and after 7 years:
You will have paid $49,071
Total Interest Paid: $12,171
If you decide to sell your car after 2 years, you will owe $28,097 on the loan.

Other Lender
Pay every month, and after 12 years:
You will have paid $58,954
Total Interest Paid: $22,054
If you decide to sell your car after 2 years, you will owe $32,859 on the loan.

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Monthly Loan Payment

* For this example, fees, tax, title and registration costs are not included in loan amount.

Looking Out For You: Fraud

security fraud protection

That person or dealership selling you a classic car? No one vets them like JJ Best. Digital fraud, like fake dealership websites, has become a serious problem when you buy online. JJ Best diligently defends buyers like you against seller fraud.

Looking Out For You: Insurance

classic car insurance and protections for your classic car baby

Not all lenders have an in-house Insurance Agency. JJ Best Insurance Agency has a guaranteed value policy. This means if your car/truck is worth $50,000 and there’s a total loss, you’re paid $50,000, period.

Looking Out For You: Licensing

protections and licensing

Is your lender licensed in your state? Many are not. Choose an unlicensed lender and your state may not consider your loan with them to be valid. Because JJ Best is licensed in all states, and subject to rigorous examination by regulators, we focus intensely on compliance, including the protection of your personal data.

We Know The Business Like No One Else

We Know Buyers

Buyers of classic car

Do you like numbers? So do our loan experts. Our average Loan Officer has spent 13 years answering 71,000 questions from applicants! So don’t worry if you’re new to collector financing, our team will take care of you. They are straight-forward, easy to work with, and concise. That’s why well-qualified borrowers almost always get pre-approved for financing in less than 5 minutes.

We Know Sellers


We’ve worked with many hundreds of reputable dealers and auction houses across America for more than 30 years. We know them, and they know us. This benefits you. Buying from an individual seller? We can make the transfer of the vehicle into your name smooth by verifying the VIN and ensuring it matches the title.

We Know Vehicles


As the oldest lender of its type in the nation, we not only love these vehicles as much as you do, we understand their value like no one else. We know American Classics, Import Classics, Exotics, Hot Rods and Customs, Antiques, Kit Cars and Replicas, Muscle and Performance Cars and Classic Trucks.


Not all auto lending is created equal. Your local bank almost certainly does not lend on classic cars and trucks. If you manage to connect with a lender, their experience cannot compare to JJ Best.