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Our chief Aircraft Loan Officer is David Hall, easy to reach at Dave@jjbest.com or 508-243-5543. Dave is pictured here standing in front of his fighter jet in Newport, RI in 1974. The Navy trusted him with that plane, and you can trust him to finance yours.

February, 2024 Announcement: Aircraft loan rates have just fallen. Call for details.

J.J. Best & Co. partners with banks and other financial firms that specialize in aircraft financing of all types including both Part 91 (pleasure flying) and Part 135 (commercial flying) operation.

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Dave Hall with his Air Force fighter jet in 1979

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Review our financial tips to answer some of the questions you may have.

How to buy a plane in 6 steps.

The current aircraft market leaves buyers with countless used aircraft to select from. Each make and model brings different performance specifications, characteristics, and prices. Buying a plane can mean the difference between a long-term transportation mode and an expensive dust collector. Don’t navigate the aircraft acquisition process.

Buying your first plane - top 5 personal planes that fit your budget!

Twin Aviation

Check out Twin Aviation's YouTube channel for some fun and interesting plane information.