Boston Whaler Boat Loans

If there is such a thing as pedigree in watercraft, it finds expression in the best of all time – the Boston Whaler. The Boston Whaler is a great specimen of pleasure boat artisanship. This supported by an impeccable history right from the Boston Whaler 13 of the late 1950s prototype. Boston Whaler is not just another boat – it is lifestyle on water. It is innovation. It is class. Safety is guaranteed in the unique Unibond hull design, whichis incredible. This hull can be cut in half, and still allow the driver to sail away the half with the engine. That is the core of this brand: “Unsinkability,”whether on lakes or coastal bays.

This boat is versatile, reliable, excellent performer, has generous space, and comes with a self-bailing modern cockpit. Its design allows for a dry ride and with “unsinkability” you are sure to return home safely. Whether you are considering a 330 Outrage, or 210 Montaukyou get the same wonderful qualities. Creature comforts on board are excellent, with a great bow lounge and ample stowage beneath the seats. You can use this boat for weekend family rides, or fishing and water sports. In addition, it is quite reliable for search and rescue operations as well as police patrols, which is how it finds its way into government. What makes the Whaler even more attractive to the ordinary boat owner is its light weight and size. At an average 1700 pounds dry weight, one can easily hoist it on a single-axle trailer, hitch to a family SUV and drive off. It can also fit in a home garage with little or no alterations. The Boston Whaler boats have builta cult-like class; following and you want to join this special club. You have to own one, and here are suggestions on how to if money is a constraint.

Finding a Boston Whaler before the Boat Loan

The high quality, brand prestige, and international reputation the Boston Whaler boats enjoy in the market, means that they do not come cheap. They are very pricey.You really must be well endowed financially to go for these super toys.You have tasted them, and you want one despite your modest income. Here is how to embark on the journey to sailing one.

Since, given the resources, a used one is the best option, you have to find one. The internet is the first place to search. Check out all listings on the various sites, and note down what appeals to you. Next, contact these dealers and ask for detailed information, including photos of each boat. Do not take their word for it;make a physical inspection preferably with a marine surveyor. Be careful not to fall prey to online scammers and faceless classified advertisers.

The safest and one with the highest probability of getting a good boat, is the government auction site. Here, various government agencies that use these boats offer them for sale and you can successfully bid for a very good boat. What is more, they come with a full service log detailing any known problems, to help you make an informed decision. At these auctions, prices are very attractive, on average about 65% less of retail. You may have to raise the downpayment on winning your bid, before you seek a loan for the balance. This calls for prior arrangements with your lender before placing your bid.

For those buying new, visit as many dealers as possible to compare prices as well as terms. Though dealers may source at the same price from the manufacturer, they each have different mark ups that vary their prices.

What then is the process? Assess as many options as possible and make your preferred picks. Further, discuss available loan or financing terms, putting all costs into consideration. Make your final choice and approach the lender or dealer to conclude.

Boston Whaler Boat Loan Process

As with any financial borrowing, it is advisable to visit a wide variety of financial service providers to know what is available in the market. These institutions are equally out to sell their products and it is up to the borrower to proof eligibility for lending. No investment is too risky for the lenders, as long as some collateral is involved. Therefore, indicate that you intend to use the purchased boat as collateral besides demonstrating ability to pay. Regularize your credit rating at the credit reference agencies before you go to the lenders. It will save you time and blushes in the event you have some skeletons at the credit agencies.

Dealers instalment purchase plans are the best especially for those buying new. You need to get a good deal on the sale price first, before negotiating the payment terms. However, some dealers will also offer used boats especially those either traded in or repossessed and you can get a very good deal out of such. Visit many dealers to get a better deal

Specialized lenders in the industry are a good option. This is because they offer products suitable to that sector and will definitely have something for your particular needs. You may be surprised to find that at such lenders, all you have to do is explain what you want and the lender will take over from the dealer’s yard to your front yard delivery. They will also handle insurance for you especially if they have an in-house agency, making it even easier.Approach such dedicated marine lenders like J…J. Best Banc & Co., for your boat loan and benefit from long standing excellent service, good terms, and a chance to join the prestigious club of Boston Whaler boat owners.

Other Options To Finance Your Boston Whaler Loan

Traditional banks and financial lenders are not known for personalized service especially when you are a customer of meagre income. Still, they also consider one is banking and credit record over the period they have served you and this may count for something when evaluating your application. Bring along your statements and expenditure records to proof your ability. In this case, more often than not, the bank will prefer a new boat, as this has a confirmed and verified value to base calculation of the loanand in the event of repossessing the bank is assured of good residual value.

Niche Lenders in the marine sector arguably the best option in financing this kind of products. Luxury boats are not common consumer products, and as such financing requires institutions that thoroughly understand the industry and how to safe guard their interests.

The beauty about this category is specialty packaging. Everything is tailored to fit that one product type and the targeted consumer. This way there is something for everyone interested in acquiring a boat purchase loan. These lenders do not only stop at the financial stage, they go out of their way to understand boat sales at the dealers and consumer traits. In this package, the borrower will also enjoy good insurance terms from their in-house agency, as most of them operate these services. The fact that all these services that is, insurance, technical survey, financing and probable partnership with dealers makes this a most preferable option especially for a first time boat buyer.

Dealers’ Special Payment Plans

To boost their sales, dealers do not rely on cash buyers only. They develop purchase payment plans that will attract more buyers who cannot raise ready cash for the sale price but demonstrate ability to pay in staggered instalments. All a buyer has to do is to furnish the dealer with financial statement indicating steady income and a good credit rating score from credit agencies. Of course, the dealer will retain the ownership papers until he has received all monies.

Boston Whaler Boat Loan Insights

Living at the lakeside or bayside can be taunting for one who loves water activities. Every day you are continually watching people have fun on their beautiful watercrafts and especially that elegant Boston Whaler you have always wanted. In this age however, it is now possible for you to own one of those Bostons and have fun on the waters at your doorstep. However, take heed that you invest in your hobby wisely and not make life difficult for you and your loved ones. Go for a loan facility you can afford so that you remain a proud and active member of the boating club. At the end of the day, it is all about the money and how much of it you got in your pocket.

Some of the issues to sort out before going for that loan are:

Running costs after acquiring your Boston Whaler

Knowledge of the boats in general

Knowledge of sea piloting

This will determine the overall cost in this venture and needs to be reconciled with your monthly income. Plan well for the long haul after the first few months honeymoon with your new bride, the Boston Whaler so that you do not get embarrassed. A smart mariner never forgets his compass. Do not forget your financial compass either as you slice your whaler through the bay waters. Get informed advice from your lender before plunging in.

The Boston Whaler Boat Is Worth The Loan

The Boston Whaler is a classic in a class of its own build on vintage artisanship nurtured over five decades and getting better. This is a boat for enthusiasts and if you must have one, you have chosen well. If you need assistance buying one, seek out another name with class J.J. Best Banc & Co. They have expertise and long record lending to people like you, prospective boat owners. Pay them a visit and sail out as a happy adventurer.Call us at 1-800-USA-1965, or fill out our online application form.

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