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Antique car loans from the experts at J.J. BEST BANC & Co. can be processed in as few as 2 minutes and our knowledge of vehicles from a bygone era has helped make us one of the largest and oldest lenders of antique cars in the country.

If you’ve been on the hunt to own or buy an antique car, let our loan specialists navigate your loan process so that you can be one step closer to filling your garage with your dream car. We offer long terms, low rates and a quick, convenient closing process.

Antique Car Loans

Typically, an antique car is said to be one that is at least 45 years old. These types of cars are full of character and it’s in these details and “quirks” that take us on a journey through history and give us insights into a certain era. Take, for example, the 1956 DeSoto with its slide out phonograph. While 45s rarely exist these days, except for the hobbyist who collects and preserves them, there are those who can truly appreciate its existence.
While lacking some of the modern conveniences we take for granted today like air conditioning and navigation systems, antique cars offer their owners a glimpse back to the “good old days.” If you’re more concerned with driving free on the open road rathern than how many bells and whistles are included, we can relate.
At J.J. BEST & BANC Co., we’re the people who love cars and we’d like to do business with you.

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