1970 Audi 100 LS

The Audi 100 LS was a part of the Audi 100, or C1 series and was produced from 1968 to 1976. The 100 LS had an overhead valve engine inline 4-cylinder engine. The LS normally came with a 4-speed manual all-synchromesh transmission, but later was offered with a three-speed automatic transmission. As a mid-sized luxury car Audi was attempting to make a push past the names of Volkswagen and into the class of Mercedes-Benz. The LS had the feel of a luxury car with a price tag that wasn't as steep, and the power and performance to match up with its contemporaries. A great drive for people who were looking to upgrade their regular everyday car to something with more flash and performance.

Audi was founded by August Horch in 1910, the full name of the German company was Audi Automobilwerke GmbH Zwickau, five year later shorten to Audiwerke AG Zwickau. This was the third automobile company that Horch had been involved in after 2 previous attempts early in the decade. After some trademark disputes, Horch was no longer allowed to use his own name in his company. This led to the name Audi because Horch in German mean to listen, and audi is to hear in the single imperative in Latin. The first Audi car, the Audi Type A Sport-Phaeton, was produced in 1910, the Type B soon followed the same year. In the beginning Audi originally used an inline-four engine with 2612 cc, the cc gradually increased over the years and finally the first six-cylinder was produced in 1924 with 4655 cc. Horch left Audi in 1920 but maintained membership on the board of trustees, after taking a position as Minister of Transportation in Germany.

Audi began its first production car in 1921, they were the first German car company to produce a left- handed drive vehicle, the Type K. Then after ownership had changed hands again and merged with several other companies. Audi got its signature four rings in 1939 to represent the new auto union that was formed between Audi, Horch, Dampf-Kraft-Wagen (DKW), and Wanderer. During this time frame Audi designed the Audi Front which became the first European car with a six-cylinder engine with front wheel drive, using the same powertrain as the Wandered but with the turned around. As the economic struggles continued in the 30's, the stresses of war and hardships set in, Audi business suffered and was vacant from the market for almost 2 decades. Finally, after more changes of ownership, building of factories, and advancements of engine technology, the Auto Union used the old Audi name to resurrect profits in 1965.

Audi were now being produced with a 4-stroke engine, the body of a DKW F102 with some minor cosmetic changes. So, after 25 year of no production Audi came out with their brand new F103, the predecessor to the Audi 60, Audi 70, 80, as well as the Super 90. Despite success in the market, then 50% holding owner Volkswagen saw no future success for Audi and attempted to stop further design of the brand. The Auto Union engineers continued and produced the Audi 100 in secret, the completion of the car was so impressive to ownership that production the car was immediately authorized. In 1968, the Audi 100 went on to be a huge success, this was followed by Audi 80 also a success, and provided a new template for Volkswagen moving forward through the 70's.

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