1969 Datsun Sport 2000

The Datsun sport 2000, sometimes known as the Fairlady 2000, the SP311 (right-handed model), or SPL311 (left-handed model) was produced from 1967 to 1970. The SP(L)311 names were shared between the 1600 and the

The two models were similar design the 2000 was larger and was
equipped with a larger more powerful engine and updated transmission.
The engine used was a 2.0-liter U20 single overhead cam, twin SU
carburetors and a 5-speed manual. The 2000 was larger than the 1600,
including a whole second row of seating in the back. Despite being the
lowest priced vehicle in its class the Datsun 2000 beat out many of its
competitors in C and D production in SCCA racing.

The first Datsun car originates from car named the DAT made by Kaishinsha Motorcar Works in 1914, Tokyo, Japan. The cars name coming from and acronym of the company owners' names, DAT in Japanese (pronounced datto) translates to dashing away with great speed. The firm later changed its name to DAT Motorcar Co. and throughout the late 1910's and 20's produced a series of trucks and light cars. After a law change by the Japanese government, in 1930, allowing under 500cc to be driven without a driver's license, DAT capitalized on the new emerging market by producing the 495cc Datson. The name Datson was later changed to Datsun because the word son in Japanese can mean loss, while sun was more indicative of light and more representative of Japan. With the first series of Datsun coming out in 1931 the type 10, followed by an increase of the law to 500 cc to 750 cc and Datsun followed suit with their vehicles. Then in 1934 a merger of DAT Automobile Co. and Jitsuyo Automobile Co resulted in the birth of Nissan Motors, while cars were still being sold under the name Datsun.

In 1935, Datsun had begun production line modeled by that of Ford and
began producing vehicles. But after war broke out with China in 1937
passenger car production was restrict and Datsun had begun making truck
for the Imperial Japanese Army. After the war had ceased the production
of the trucks continued for the occupying forces until 1947, when Datsun
produced the DB and DS modeled after Austin Seven products. All products
by Datsun before the year 1955 were modeled after other companies' cars,
in 1955 Datsun came up with its first own original model car. Later in
1955 car factories were returned to Japanese control and released the
110 saloon and the 120 pickups.

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