The model MB and MA came equipped with an 8-clyinder chain driven overhead camshaft, dual ignition, cross flow cylinder head and a dual throat carburetor. The car produced 115 horsepower with a 4-speed manual transmission. The main differences between the MB and the MA, was the MB had an additionally 10.5″ on from the wheelbase. The car also came equipped with dual side mount spare tires, classic wire wheels, and driving lights that synchronized with the steering. Despite being an American car, the MB and MA got many of its influence from European car makers, utilizing distinct styles to help car sales. These models were named after popular European places such as the Versailles in the MA and the Monte Carlo with the MB.

Stutz first came on to the market under the name Stutz Motor Car company of America Incorporated, who open their doors in 1911 and eventually closed in 1939. Stutz designed sports and luxury vehicles based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. The original company was started by Harry Stutz and Henry Campbell, entering the Indianapolis 500 after being open for about a month. The first mass production of cars was a copy of their original racecar the Bearcat, with lights and fenders to make it street legal and safe. Going on to win national championships in 1913 and 1915, before retiring from racing in 1915.

After a series of ownership changes Stutz was left in control of Allan Ryan, the company reached the beginning of its financial troubles in 1920 when associates of the company attempted stock manipulation and ended up getting the company delist off the New York Stock Exchange.

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